Saturday, December 12, 2009

Causes Of Kidney Stones In Dogs What System Is Giving My Dog Kidney Stone?

What system is giving my dog kidney stone? - causes of kidney stones in dogs

My English bulldog 2 years old) (human years has developed kidney stones. What matters to us a few weeks ago (2 months ago maybe, I do not know) My father took her to the hospital today to see why he still pee and the doctor told us that once again get kidney stones, and said it could be a organization or a system that create kidney stones. We went to 5 different vets and they all have different answers. I presume the salt of the type of dog (food consumed), but I wonder ...

What system / organ is the cause of my poor dog, these stones? It is still a puppy and does not deserve all of this = '(


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Kidney stones are usually caused buy the deposits of calcium in the kidneys. I gave him plenty of water and calcium to reduce it. This is not a common problem with puppies puppies Although food and snacks are usually high in calcium to promote bone growth and on. You could wet food for adult dogs to try to ensure that it is for older dogs. You can send me an email if you need help.

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