Friday, December 11, 2009

Encouragement For Testicular Cancer How Do I Provide Encouragement To Tennis Players?

How do I provide encouragement to tennis players? - encouragement for testicular cancer

I am a tennis coach for girls' and have to say a few words of encouragement and / or advice to my players the change-overs. What can I say except "you can do?


Jeff:] said...

my best friend on the tennis team, said:
We have the balls ....
and his team of guys .....
I doubt it will help ..
You could say that they are "Great!"

always confused said...

Before a party must try to trust used as reinforcement

"Children can also make it better!" or

"Let's make this game!" . Some things should be noted that the players be moved from "likely allows 110%" or something similar, because most players really do not know what we can do ... and set the expectations that can distort competition because their mental health.

But it really depends on the type of player. Some can handle it, what words ... while others are more sensitive to them.

Even if I add, in May, when a player plays then try to say / write a bit less because it includes the players, the expectations that people have to remember to distort them. Try not to look straight in the eye because the results in the same thing. And finally, if they will lose a point and then encouraging words (whatever they are) also from readers, because they believe makes them back confidence in a poor mental state.

You can see graffitiif the suggestion at work or make the players more nervous watching her body movements, shaking usually the hands or feet.

However, these techniques are shown Phycological are to blame ... but it is their decision as a coach to evaluate what to say.

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