Sunday, February 21, 2010

Average Bmi Pregnant Women Am I Too Out Of Shape To Get Pregnant?

Am I too out of shape to get pregnant? - average bmi pregnant women

I'm 32 pounds, about 5'7 "tall weighing and 172, which means that my BMI is 26, and 10-15 kg classified as overweight. The last few months I'm not pregnant, despite all attempts, and I wonder whether My obesity is responsible. I have a little higher than the average cholesterol content (215).

The fact is that I feel strong and healthy. My height is 32 "(waist circumference in 41" for the waist-hip ratio 0.78), and my body fat is 30%. What can I do the elliptical at the center of resistance for about an hour without too wordy, increased heart rate to 140 beats per minute. My heart rate is 60bpm sound. I shoveled the driveway after the mother of all storms, the snow after about 3.5 hours, and while I definitely pain later, my husband survived the shovel. My body tends to pack on muscle instead of fat. It feels good to most of the big day, well rested, happy and have a decent immune system, because only very rarely ill.

Although feel comfortable, I am concerned about my weight. How out of shape am I? Could this interfere with conception? Can you really overweight or obese women become pregnant as easily as the Slim?


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