Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hiv Rash Scaly Can A Skin Specialist Make Out A Rash Occured Due To Hiv And A Rash Due To Urtricaria?

Can a skin specialist make out a rash occured due to hiv and a rash due to urtricaria? - hiv rash scaly

plzzz i neeed plzzzzzzzzz respond appropriately if my blood was donated not to say that I am HIV positive or something that my group ..... 2 years ago I had a NO NO I have unprotected sex burns in my body, I went to a dermatologist, said his urtricariaaa THT .... WHT is the difference between the outbreak and utricaria ??????????????? Outbreak of HIV


Lax said...

They did not investigate a phobia HIV.HIV viral infection and leads to urticaria.So not worry about their skin specialists HIV.Ask the hives to find the cause to worry.

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