Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Military Stealth Helicopters Do Multi-National Companies Like Halliburton Have Any Ethics ?

Do Multi-National companies like Halliburton have any ethics ? - new military stealth helicopters

Would they make a pact with the devil "if they can make a profit, how are his father and grad father Prescott Bush, the closest adviser to George W. Bush, which is closely linked with oil and arms industry? Karl Rove, one of the closest political adviser to Bush, was a shareholder of Boeing, the many activities in the military field. Boeing makes the Apache helicopters, missiles and cruise missiles Tomohawk. Paul Wolfowitz, the Pentagon number two, for transfer advisors to Northrop Grumman accused (makes the bomber B Stealth -2, of which 2 million U.S. dollars per aircraft and F-18 fighter costs) is currently still being used heavily in Iraq before he was managing. Donald Rumsfeld and Colin Powell both Directors of the Gulf Stream Aerospace. You have companies with "best golden goodbye" of one million dollars in his pocket. Donald Rumsfeld was on the board of ABB, a company that serves sells nuclear reactors to North Korea. In 2 years, Northrup Grumman, its sales increased by 60%, 30% Boeing


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