Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ganglion Cyst Jaw I 've A Cyst On My Lower Jaw. My Dr Says Its A Ganglion. Its Growing And May Disfigure Me. Is There Treatment?

I 've a cyst on my lower jaw. My Dr says its a ganglion. Its growing and may disfigure me. Is there treatment? - ganglion cyst jaw

The cyst developed from a grain and itching now. The same is true on my shoulders. You look pale and feel softer feel.


ilse72 said...

Not your doctor will discuss with you? There are three options for the treatment of synovial cysts:
1. nothing to do (if the cyst is not painful or disfiguring)
2. (Drainage of the cyst with a needle)
3. Surgical removal (treatment of choice if the cyst is distorted).

You really need to discuss your options with your doctor or surgeon to follow the best way for you to determine.

Ancespir... said...

I agree with the RN, ilse72. She gave wonderful answers.

Currently I have a medium-sized cyst in her left wrist. I've had in the past on both wrists, but not simultaneously. I never had the desire. When the pain was bearable, I'll let time to take its course. In both cases, I have tried the method in which it is broken! It was doing pretty bad. The doctor had once for me, and then the second for me. I basically covered my wrist down on a desk with a soft towel, then click once with a heavy book.

I do not recommend this method, the jaw or shoulder blades. As the bright side: it sucked. This applies especially should the approach that you take, as the doctor says, can be disfiguring. As Larry the Cable Guy says: "Get 'Er Done!"

Not Allie said...

I was one of those on the left wrist for a week. They said they were exhausted, but finally die alone.

Most cysts can be drained, or whether to read me. Why do not you ask your doctor about the treatment? It would be a good idea to go back and do it.

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