Sunday, February 7, 2010

What Is The Best Nappy For A Bedwetter To Were I Am After A Night Nappy For A Bedwetter That Weighs Around The 60kg Mark. Any Ideas Would Help. Thanks?

I am after a night nappy for a bedwetter that weighs around the 60kg mark. any ideas would help. Thanks? - what is the best nappy for a bedwetter to were

60 kg? Is the weight correct? Or is it for you? There are adult diapers for older people with bladder problems.


Vagabond said...

Try looking at the "Super" or absorbent layers in the following brands: Molicare, Abena, ID, Slip, Tena, etc. There's a company in Germany, sent abroad ( "Save Express"). This is not a long-term average, this would be cost prohibitive, but at least Bedwetters can try to see different brands, what works best. If you find a favorite brand, it may be easier to try to find the spot.


Jude's Mummy said...

How old is the child?
Are you tired of lying in the leaves? They are made from the same material as the layers and keep the bed dry, but the child does not feel as if a new napy used.
With a layer may be conflicting signals, which need not go to the bathroom during the night and could not be sent to send some back.

Just a thought

Jo said...

May I ask why? Sounds like a problem at all. However, you could try asking at the pharmacy on incontinance pants. They are made for adults because it is a common problem for seniors.

bandaids... said...

try to make him empty his bladder before going to bed to give - no liquids one hour before bedtime and place a pillow under her buttocks at night (like a puppy) pad and see if it helps

nannette... said...

60x2.5 = 180 pounds
Adult diapers

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