Saturday, February 20, 2010

Do Small Trailers Need License Registering Small Boat And Trailer?

Registering small boat and trailer? - do small trailers need license

Hi, I'm looking for a boat used small fishing village (12-14 feet) to buy a trailer. But I do not know what I'm doing in terms of the increasingly all registered. I know I need to save the boat, and if I understand correctly, if you are younger than 17 meters. I do not need a qualification. But I have no idea what I removed. Do I need a title or registration? And how can advise me differently and I need to come with him. I live in Iowa


mutt dog said...

go to court, and where the vehicle is registered, and you can do what you need. If you do not need a title and registration of the trailer and new plates for both must

thor said...

I am from MN now, most of our laws are about the same. I do not know if the AI a permanent trailer license in NC has about $ 100 and you do not need plates, the stickers in the vicinity of the trailer tongue. You can always the boards and chips per year, but not long enough to get a better deal with the lifetime license.

Well, for a transfer by boat or by title. Nothing in MN before 1979 only requires a purchase agreement (contract). After the title and the NIC (identification of the body, as is eg cars VIN #), usually on the left or right side of the transom is sometimes close to the control of power. After the boat is in your name and license and decals for your boat, but twice a year, usually every year.

Good luck and happy surfing ...

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