Friday, January 15, 2010

Anti Spamming Act Of 2001 How Many Accounts And Identities Do You Have To Have On Line Before You Become Skitzo ?

How many accounts and identities do you have to have on line before you become skitzo ? - anti spamming act of 2001

I have a backup, primary, war,
(Anti-Spam Revenge Type Thing)


evly does'nt like the dobber said...

Lol ... 1 main, 1 backup, and you can stay healthy ......... I .... x

Anonymous said...

I 3
That is my main account, 1 for the connection was sometimes or bad image and the recently opened, because a friend wanted to send me things and no longer on this account for any reason.
I'm not a skitzo, I do not think that there are few other accounts. Boring would be the point, I think.

Twiztidf... said...

I had one before, that he removed and I started this one, one for him until it is withdrawn.

Twiztidforlife mission is to rid the world of evil and cookies. Cookies wrong.

Fr3dinbe... said...

I have 8 online accounts with different providers, 6, and Yahoo, and I'm not a skitzo


Big Green Liziard said...

But I have 2 Yahoo accounts work is my backup ..
I have 7 other accounts .. but stopped. Sigh * lol

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