Sunday, January 24, 2010

Quickcam Web If I Buy A Logitech Quickcam Chat, [web Cam] Can I Make Videos For Youtube Or Is It Only For Chat?

If i buy a logitech quickcam chat, [web cam] can i make videos for youtube or is it only for chat? - quickcam web

I bought a webcam from Microsoft, and that sucks! If I buy a Logitech cheaper, because I've heard people say very good, but I'm not sure whether, in view of also be used to make his videos.


Tom said...

The camera should not really matter ... What we need is that the incoming video stream to a file on your hard drive, you can publish to YouTube. Now I do not experience exactly, but if you Google "Web-Cam MPEG" should be a few visits, you can start reading and gathering requirements to receive.

Good luck ...

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