Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Left Lower Abdominal Pain Female And Thigh Pain In Lower Abdomen, Right And Left Side, Female...help? ?

Pain in lower abdomen, right and left side, female...help? ? - left lower abdominal pain female and thigh

You have pain in the right lower abdomen and left (as in convulsions, would feel, but not) the city, near my hip bones. It feels like a pressure ulcer? I had pain similar to last year and went to the doctor, had an ultrasound, but all tests were negative. What could be wrong with me? I am a 20 years old man who was not sexually active when the pain started about a month and a half, so that you can do with it, and I'm not pregnant.

Thank you! ♥


Michelle B said...

Here are the ovaries. It could be that it else.I ovulation or something similar, but pain in the lower right. It come and go. Needless to say that I endimitriosis and fibriods in my stomach. Go back and choose your doctor again if the pain persists!

Ashley said...

go to the doctor and receive a health check for sexually transmitted diseases or gonerreha have ... My friend was in pain and so we went to the doctor, who said he had NO Gono Then she got a shot on the left of s .... Gono, because in ur system is a syptems s will not have time ... Just a thought

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