Monday, January 18, 2010

Cutting Retaining Wall Blocks How Do You Add Capstones To A Block Retaining Wall?

How do you add capstones to a block retaining wall? - cutting retaining wall blocks

We have a retaining wall, the 8 blocks high and 45 long built. There are 8 in the wall curves. To cover the holes in the tops of the blocks purchased crown. If we take the crown that have swept through gaps in the game shaped piece between them. Are we good? If the crown on what you get to cut to? TIA


chris j said...

Yes, yes! If you want to look good. Get a concrete saw with a diamond wheel, or a good brick hammer. In fact, everything depends on how you want to see, but.

T C said...

You got it! No way to cut around them. It is better if you can keep the cuts as evenly as possible

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