Sunday, January 17, 2010

Wikipedia Ls Magazine How Can I Stop Being Embarrassed About My Parents' Cars?

How can I stop being embarrassed about my parents' cars? - wikipedia ls magazine

My mother drives a Saturn LW and my father drives a Saturn LS.

They are not very good cars, and I live in a city very rich, while all other vehicles very elegant. It is very embarrassing when I am the places or people, when I went for a walk. I'm not bad, if my parents are very cheap. How can I prevent this embarrassment?


fire4511 said...

The problem is not a car he bought from his father, the girl had been collected. So it is a high value on appearance and not on things that are most important.

His parents have opted to buy reliable transportation at a reasonable price, rather than more money in an attempt to impress someone. Some are willing (and debt spending) to the newer, shinier, more luxurious car, house or clothes. Others know that if you can spend functional elements, or to invest money in things that are more durable.

If you look at the highly successful, remains true to its roots. Sam Walton, founder of Wal * Mart drove an old pickup. I know a multimillionaire, a van (which was used drives purchased)

Look at themselves and ask why you define yourself, what cars, clothes and other materials that he has, not who you are.

mike g said...

Shame is controlled by you. Or do you think care what others think of their cars, not for the parents or. At least their parents have cars and can pick up and puts you. Some children are on foot or by bus. Some peoples parents, BMW and Mercedes, but do not worry about their children and they do not get anyway. Be thankful that your parents have a car and take time from their day and saw a favor.

Question... said...

Imagine you're in front on the moon and have a life. The low oxygen content and thinking about all the wonderful things that people miss when n explode into pieces .. Will you be the moon, and everything is perfect? Find a life and love from their parents, as they are. Have a nice day.

unplugge... said...

stop so materialistic.

As someone else said, on foot or by bus.

atleast you have a damn car. People worldwide do not even have a meal ... for the rich ... Why do they always do things for granted?

CB said...

I would say that many people in your neighborhood has a great respect for their parents because it is easy to buy goods if you have money, but it takes a lot to be modest.

Rachel said...

I understand your concern about this. Think about saving for a new car. If not wwork joke just for you or your friends, as they are poor and excluded because its embarresment I used to think the attention.

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