Friday, January 22, 2010

Vegetable Oil Conversion Diesel Cars That Run On Vegetable Oil ( WVO Conversion) ?

Diesel Cars that Run On Vegetable Oil ( WVO conversion) ? - vegetable oil conversion

I wonder if anyone has any literature on how it works. Maybe I can call a good source, especially in technology and even examples.

Thank you.


freakboy... said...

To do automatic fat birds and fry kits. Google it.

vicinic said...

do not tell the whole story on these pages. You need to send money for taxes quarterly government WVO as fuel. If you switch WVO before the system is hot enough, you have a repair bill of U.S. $ 2,000 (unless it really is) in the repair of injectors.

Steve: Hippie at heart said...

Some people have told me to run, you must re-adjust the engine, while others have just said to put INTHE of vegetable oil tank and the engine can be.
Should hear back anyway.

Good luck!

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