Monday, January 25, 2010

Migraine Visual Disturbance Migraine Aura Sufferer?

Migraine aura sufferer? - migraine visual disturbance

Does anyone who the aura (visual disturbances) of migraine and, if so found a solution to stop it.I get aura, which can take 45 can be very disruptive, sometimes just blow and not look at the situation.


marco999 said...

The experience these symptoms regularly, and I read some suggestions to cure a headache. For me it is better than cure and prevention for me personally, I always try to avoid bright light (especially when I'm tired), which usually starts a migraine. Avoid eating cheese and chocolate, as they sometimes promote migraine. I can tell you if a migraine is about to begin, because it was my first vision) is affected (blurred when this happens, take a paracetamol soluble as quickly as possible and is as a rule or have the effect of lesser intensity. Hope this helps

old know all said...

See my last answer to this question: ...

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