Sunday, January 10, 2010

Things To Write In Cards What Are Some Nice Inspiring Things To Write In Christmas Cards?

What are some nice inspiring things to write in christmas cards? - things to write in cards

For good friends.


Robert said...

Do not eat too much spending, not too much money, do not expect too much, not sorry ... Merry Christmas.

johnboy said...

They say what they really mean to you!

Minister said...

Without that they have lost
Without you, life was miserable
without you, all hope was in vain

But with sombody you want in the new year is like the entrance to the new heaven, we go into his meeting ... HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Mom of One in Wisconsin said...

Peace, health and happiness always
God's blessing for the year 2008.

♫Music♫ said...

Seasons Greetings

ph1966 said...

In relation to a person who has a happy Christmas it's good to want something that you are back what is Christmas - and to wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year filled with good health.

I have always understood the message in my letters, because that's the kind of message that I feel good when others send me a card. We all like to believe that the new year will be better, especially if it has been a difficult year.

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